Osmo Blinding Shine Gift Pack

The ultimate Osmo gift pack for creating long-lasting shine and bounce to your hair. Specialised ingredients create unparalleled shine with glossy, vibrant results without an increase in oil production.


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  • Blinding Shine Shampoo, 400ml


Ultimate shine shampoo for super smooth, glossy results. Ultimate shine shampoo restores natural gloss. Cleans the hair and boosts vitality and shine. The gentle formula purifies and revitalises hair while boosting natural vibrancy and shine. Extract of Cedarwood helps to improve the health of the scalp. Extracts of Rosemary are very beneficial to the hair and scalp while adding a high gloss.


  • Blinding Shine Conditioner, 400ml


Ultimate shine conditioner for ultra smooth, frizz-free results. Ultimate shine conditioner leaves hair shiny, healthy and easy to manage. Lightweight formula nourishes, moisturises and boosts vibrancy, vitality and shine. Extracts of Rosemary is beneficial to the hair while adding gloss to brighten. After shampooing, gently massage into hair, concentrating on the ends.


  • Blinding Shine Serum, 50ml


Perfect for taming straight or curly hair. Lightweight with fantastic shine and super smooth frizz-free results. Lightweight serum for glossy, healthy and easy to manage hair. Infused UV filters aid hair protection from heat damage. Extract of Cedarwood helps to improve the health of the scalp.