Osmo Super Silver No Yellow Gift Pack

Osmo Super Silver No Yellow Gift Pack

The ultimate Osmo Super Silver product collection that includes everything you need to revive, restore and maintain luscious and radiant blonde, silver, platinum and white hair. Also ideal for maintain brightness and bringing out reflective facets in all foil highlights and balayage-treated hair.


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  • Osmo Super Silver No Yellow Shampoo, 300ml


Lose the brass and embrace amazing blonde, silver and ash tones. Sulphate-free and ideal for super-lightened, grey or bleached hair. Reduces unwanted yellow and brassy tones to bring silver and ash tones to life for an even colour balance.


Ideal for natural and synthetic hair and features extreme, super-violet pigments to combat and neutralize darker tones washing out your blonde. Can also be used as a toner after bleaching. Experience more intense results when formula left in the hair for longer periods.


  • Osmo Super Silver No Yellow Mask, 250ml


An intensely hydrating, sulphate-free treatment mask infused with super violet pigments to replenish lost moisture and neutralize yellow tones. Leaves blonde, grey and bleached hair nourished, healthy and radiant.


Lose the brassy yellow and embrace your blonde. Ideal for super-lightened, grey or bleached hair. Developed to reduce unwanted yellow and other darker tones to bring out and emphasize lighter tones like blonde, silver and ash. Perfect for natural and synthetic hair. Formulated with extreme, super-violet pigments to combat any unwanted brassy tones.


  • Osmo Violet Protect & Tone Styler, 125ml


Protect and style your rejuvenated blonde! This leave-in treatment spray is designed for blonde and highlighted hair. The violet toners help protect against unwanted brassiness colour. Restores radiance and aids in the protection from heat damage and environmental exposures that may cause discoloration. Leaves your hair colour revived and vibrant, maximising your colour in-between salon visits.