April 9, 2018








Still wondering what you can change in 2018? When it comes to your makeup – how about a few tweaks to your eyebrows to gain a new outlook on life!  Everyone – at any age – can see a difference when you create better brows.   At TEMPTU, we’ve made it easier than ever to get better brows:  long-wearing, water-resistant, smudge-proof airbrush eyebrows.  Read on & watch our video to get the low-down on creating better brows in a flash.


Choose the right brow for your facial shape:


Oval Face = Soft Angled Shape


Long Face = Flat Shape


Round Face = Arched Shape


Square Face = Low Soft Arched Shape


Heart Face = Round Shape


Diamond Face = Curved Shape



Choose a stencil based on the desired shape of brow.  We offer two different stencil kits with more than 10 different options to choose from.  Regardless of the shape you choose, decide how full or thick you want the brow to look.  You can use the front part of the Full Natural Arch stencil or the Full High Arch stencil to create more thickness.  The Full High Arch brings a bit more bold definition to the final look.




 Timeless Pro Tips


Regardless of the shape you want to create, always remember these Pro Tips for better brows:

  • The start of your brow should begin in line with the bridge of your nose

  • The arch of an eyebrow does not need to be in the center of the eye! It works best about two-thirds of the way out from the start of the brow.

  • Frame your entire eye – don’t sell your brows short! The tail of the brow should extend all the way to the corner of your eye and possibly even a touch longer as long as the tail doesn’t drop lower than where the start of the eyebrow!

Our AirBrow product is a liquid brow formula that is long-wearing and quick-drying.  It’s available in two universally appealing shades Light Taupe or Deep Taupe.  Let your hair color guide you to the right shade.  The darkest hair colors will find deep taupe the best option.  Everyone else can use Light Taupe.