Know your makeup’s shelf life

April 13, 2018



Back to school means time to get organized!  Don’t forget  supplies for your skin and face when stocking up on back to school supplies.  The start of the school year is a great time to ditch some of your old makeup and start anew. Open containers are breeding grounds for bacteria that can cause unsightly blemishes or other skin problems.  Here are some guidelines for how long you can keep open makeup.


  • Temptu AIR pods – 1 year or more – The makeup inside your AIR pods are sealed tight and you don’t have to worry about dirt or bacteria getting in where you don’t want it.


  • Liquid makeup 6 months – Liquids have water in it and that mixed with a humid bathroom is the idea place for bacteria to grow.


  • Stick Makeup 1 year – Stick makeup (like concealers) don’t contain water but they are still moist so you want to make sure you are keeping them fresh so they can cover blemishes and not cause them.


  • Powders Up to 2 years – Temptu powder contain no water or botanicals that can harbor bacteria so you can get a much longer use out of these. Just make sure you are storing them in dry places!


  • Mascara 3 -4 months – A mascara tube is a dark and wet environment, which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The last place you want any irritation is your eyes.  Keep your mascara from fading fast by never pumping the wand.  Pumping pushes air into the tube, which causes it to dry out faster.